Material - German Silver


Size - 3.5 cms in length and 5 cms in width

Flower Deepa

  • 1. Basic cleaning

    Wash your nickel silver item with warm water and mild dish soap or brass detergent.

    Rinse it thoroughly and dry it with a soft lint-free cloth.

    It is the best home remedy. This method should remove the dirt from your item. You can also use this mild dish soap method for routine cleaning.

    If your object is detachable and small, then find an appropriate deep container that is large enough to soak the object in it.

    Rinse your object well with warm water until the cleaning agent has been completely washed off.

    Do make sure to dry the item. Otherwise, you can get water marks on these items.

    2. Baking soda method

    For darker stains, you can use the baking soda and water method.

    Most households have baking soda, as it is used in the food and for cleaning purposes frequently.

    Making a paste out of it is the most natural home remedy. Place the baking soda in a plastic container. Add enough water to make the paste.

    Create a paste of 1:1 ratio of water and baking soda and apply it to the item you wish to clean.

    Rub the paste in continuous motion on textured areas using a soft microfiber cloth.

    This will work great at cleaning those hard to reach areas without any damage.

    After that, wash the item with warm water and dry it with a soft lint-free cloth to see the shine.