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Product Details: German Silver Washable Panchapatre and Spoon
Material: German Silver
Colour: Silver

❥ Size: Available on pics


❇️ German Silver by nature is little soft compared to pure silver so little shape variations and dents could happen during shipping even after taking complete care in packing.
❇️ German Silver items by nature will show slight discolorations around soldering or embossed designs areas.
❇️ German Silver are metal based items, so it will have soldering marks and black spots.

☛ Use only Colgate powder to wash articles

☛ In order to maintain colour durability, please avoid tamarind, lime, soaps and washing detergent to wash German Silver articles as the acidic from those products could cause discoloration.

☛ After use please clean, wrap and store it in clear plastic bags to maintain colour durability.

❥ No Return/ No Exchange / No Cancellation!
❥ It is handmade item so they might not look exactly like the sample picture
❥ We will send item that are in stock close to the sample picture.
❥ Final choice of selection is by Ishta Handicrafts only.
❥ All the items at Ishta Handicrafts are unique, different and extremely beautiful from each other.


We will take every effort to keep your order as close as possible. But sometimes it gets out of control, and we do reserve the right to replace certain elements or completely change to different design if we feel they won't be as beautiful as they could be or if that particular item is not in stock.
Due to the nature of item all measurements are approx. and colours may vary due to individual monitor settings.

German Silver Panchapatre and Spoon

  • 1. Basic cleaning

    Wash your german silver item with warm water and mild dish soap or brass detergent.

    Rinse it thoroughly and dry it with a soft lint-free cloth.

    It is the best home remedy. This method should remove the dirt from your item. You can also use this mild dish soap method for routine cleaning.

    If your object is detachable and small, then find an appropriate deep container that is large enough to soak the object in it.

    Rinse your object well with warm water until the cleaning agent has been completely washed off.

    Do make sure to dry the item. Otherwise, you can get water marks on these items.

    2. Baking soda method

    For darker stains, you can use the baking soda and water method.

    Most households have baking soda, as it is used in the food and for cleaning purposes frequently.

    Making a paste out of it is the most natural home remedy. Place the baking soda in a plastic container. Add enough water to make the paste.

    Create a paste of 1:1 ratio of water and baking soda and apply it to the item you wish to clean.

    Rub the paste in continuous motion on textured areas using a soft microfiber cloth.

    This will work great at cleaning those hard to reach areas without any damage.

    After that, wash the item with warm water and dry it with a soft lint-free cloth to see the shine.